Liars Club Oddcast Podcast

The good folks at Philly Liars Club let me join their “oddcast” last week. So here is 30 audio minutes of me blabbering about the thriller JANE’S BABY plus using controversial issues as thriller topics, the use of humor when dealing with controversy, and quirky characters, and me giving the listening audience an incorrect website address. (You made it here, so I guess it all worked out okay.)

Thank you Philly Liars Keith Strunk, Jon McGoren, Gregory Frost, Kelly Simmons, Armand Rosamilia, and Merry DeeDee Jones.


2 thoughts on “Liars Club Oddcast Podcast

  1. Pingback: Chris Bauer’s Thriller “Jane’s Baby” is out Tomorrow! Check out the podcast about it and pick up the book – L.C.W. Allingham

  2. Awesome interview, Chris. Was like sitting in a coffee shop listening to your favorite author share insights and advice. Keep it coming!
    ps… always knew you were a hooker!


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