Good writing input for FREE

I joined the International Thriller Writers (ITW) honorary society of authors a while back. After writing six novels (if you look, you’ll find only one has been published so far) I fashion myself a thriller writer. We’ll find out if I’m on the right track when JANE’S BABY, a political conspiracy thriller, is released June 2018. Crime stories, mysteries, and an occasional horror novel or two, plus short stories — after dabbling in all of it, joining ITW made mucho sense. Plus it’s FREE. Only requirement: authors of fiction and non-fiction must be writing books broadly classified as “thrillers.”

The ITW monthly publication THE BIG THRILL is also free, visible on the ITW website. Includes info from, on, and by THE top thriller writers in the business rubbing elbows with and telling tales out of school to up-and-coming writers and thriller fans. So this post isn’t much more than a hi, how are you, and here’s some info that writers and readers alike might have an interest in checking out. So you should maybe go do that.



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